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Anne of Forrest Thai Massage Sudbury

While I offer a variety of different massage services, my specialty is providing the best Traditional Thai massages. My focus remains on this because of the multiple health benefits that our clients will get to enjoy.

Thai massages are known to relieve headaches, reduce back pain by unlocking painful muscle clusters, relieve joint stiffness and pain, revive energy through whole-body movements, increase flexibility and range of motion to reduce muscle pain, and help in easing anxiety by inducing the sense of calm and relaxation.

As an experienced therapist I incorporate Traditional Thai massage techniques in western massages as well, ensuring that my clients walk out with the carefreeness of a new-born baby! Forrest Thai Massage is a local home based business set up with high end electric treatment tables and an atmosphere designed for maximize relaxation.

Licensed, Insured & Professional

Traditionally Trained Massage Practitioner

Focus Back Massage with Cupping

Focus Back Massage and Cupping

30 MIN / 80 CAD

60 MIN / 150 CAD

(HST Included)

Our back holds the weight of our body. From physical to mental stress, it is always our back that takes the most hit. Focus Back massages aim at accumulating the stress that you hold in your back. Releasing the pain of the joints, muscles, and aches, we can rid you of fatigue, insomnia, headache, and back pain.

Swedish Massage

60 MIN / 110 CAD

90 MIN / 155 CAD

(HST Included)

The greatest way of energizing your body and enhancing the overall health of your body is through a Swedish Massage. This massage uses the technique of gliding, kneading, friction, vibration, and percussion to improve the flow of blood in your body.

The greatest benefit of a Swedish massage is that it can stimulate your nerves to reduce muscle pain and drain your lymph to ensure that the toxins are flowing out of the body. It has been linked to boosting mood and relieving tension as well.

Reflex Foot Therapy

Foot Massage

60 MIN / 110 CAD

90 MIN / 155 CAD

(HST Included)

In Thai culture, it is believed that grounding your energy is to be done solely through your feet and legs. In Chinese medicine, we have seen pressure points present in the feet that relieve the pain in different parts of the body.

Using appropriate pressure and the right stroke technique, our therapists ensure that all specific pain points are relaxed and stress-free.

Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage

60 MIN / 110 CAD

90 MIN / 155 CAD

(HST Included)

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that is designed to treat musculoskeletal discomforts such as sprains and physical injury. It requires applying slow, deep strokes to provide continuous pressure to the deeper layers of your muscle cells. This aims to soften scar tissue that develops after an injury and reduces muscle and tissue strain.

It may help speed up recovery by improving blood flow and decreasing irritation.

Forrest Signature Lava Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

60 MIN / 130 CAD

90 MIN / 190 CAD

120 MIN / 250 CAD

(HST Included)

This massage therapy uses hot volcanic stones to work on soft tissue and muscle relaxation. The techniques used in this therapy are similar to that of a Swedish massage. By placing the stones along your spine, stomach, chest, palms, etc., the therapist uses long strokes and circular movements to ensure that the customer enjoys the experience.

Think of it as a heat therapy technique!

Thai Herbal Compress Massage

(2 Herbal Compress Balls)

Thai Herbal Massage

60 MIN / 130 CAD

90 MIN / 190 CAD

120 MIN / 250 CAD

(HST Inlcuded)

Originating from Thailand, this compress massage therapy treatment that helps relieve stress, improve sleep, stimulate the lymph system and ensure increased blood circulation. It cleans out the toxin in your body.

For the massage, therapeutic herbs are wrapped in a muslin compress that is then steamed and applied to different parts of your body. The compress is used in circular and rolling movements with gentle hands.

Book an appointment online to treat yourself! Or look through our gift vouchers for a friend in need!

Cupping & Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a tool that is used to help move fluid across your body. It stimulates your lymph flow, increases blood circulation, and improves the healing and immunity in your body. It is simply used by using oil and applying gentle pressure to areas where it is used.

You can book an appointment with us online to boost your wellness!

60 MIN / 130 CAD (HST Included)

90 MIN / 190 CAD (HST Included)

120 MIN / 250 CAD (HST Included)

Thai Classic

Traditional Thai & Thai Warrior Massage

A Forrest Thai specialty, Nuad Thai is a healing therapy that originates from Thailand and has been handed down for over 2500 years. It is a technique of using medium pressure along with stretching techniques to release the tension and knots of the muscles.

It is also known as ‘lazy yoga’ since the therapist moves and exercises parts of your body to help relieve problematic painful areas and related conditions.

Ann is a licensed therapist in the best Traditional Thai massages. To provide the most authentic experience, I use original, natural, and herbal products to alleviate your pain and energize your body. Book an appointment online today!

60 MIN / 130 CAD (HST Included)

90 MIN / 190 CAD (HST Included)

120 MIN / 250 CAD (HST Included)

Aroma Fusion

Stress and anxiety are alleviated as essential oils produced from herbs, flowers, and fruits are lovingly slid over your body utilizing a range of techniques based on the concepts of Aromatherapy and Thai oils massage. Each component helps to ground, balance, and relax the body and mind, and their potent effects are also recognized to be repellents of muscle aches and digestive issues.

60 MIN / 110 CAD (HST Included)

90 MIN / 155 CAD (HST Included)

Facial Treatments

Outer beauty promotes inner health. When an individual takes care of their vessel, they promote a sense of well-being among themselves which in return enhances their physical health.

I offer exclusive facial services that use natural products and advanced technologies to ensure guaranteed results of our treatments. Our services expand to treatments that can take care of the wide range of skincare concerns that most deal with today.

Book a treatment online to gift yourself an experience of a lifetime!

Facial Massage

Refresh Facial Treatment

Clean, natural beauty is the key to getting the fastest and greatest results. With our express facial, we cleanse and massage the skin to let your skin soak up on all the benefits of the products. We ensure that you get the relaxing treatment that you rightly deserve!

30 MIN / 80 CAD (HST Included)

60 MIN / 150 CAD (HST Included)

Special Packages

Once in a while, it is important to give yourself love and treatment. It can help you feel refreshed and energized. So whether you are planning to spend a spa day with your friends or pamper yourself on special occasions, we have just the packages for you!

Face Massage

Deep Relaxing Package (90 MINUTES)

With busy routines and no time to relax, our deep relaxing package is the ideal treatment for a short break to disconnect and release the stresses in your life.

This package includes a full-body aromatherapy massage. Using blends of essential oils, carefully applying pressure to balance the nervous system and ease an ever-running mind. It helps create a feeling of peace and ensures a relaxed state that will aid in a good night’s sleep.

Followed with an Express Facial that rejuvenates your skin in just a short amount of time.

Look through our massage packages or gift cards to make the perfect gift for a friend or book online for yourself today!

Aroma Therapy - 60 minutes

Facial – 30 minutes

Total Experience - 90 minutes / $180 (HST Included)

Foot Massage

Deep Renewal Package (120 MINUTES)

This is paired with a full-body deep-tissue massage and Foot Reflexology, a deeper treatment tailored to your unique requirements. After a busy day of activities, sports, or travel, this might help to relax stiff muscles. This is an excellent therapy that improves circulation and energy flow, leaving you rejuvenated and ready to play again.

Deep Tissue – 90 minutes

Reflexology – 30 minutes

Total Experience - 120 minutes / $210 (HST Included)

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