Our Philosophy

Forrest Thai Massage Sudbury

An Experience Like No Other

Traditional Thai massage from a trained practitioner.

Forrest Thai Massage room

At Forrest Thai Massage, our distinguished customers will experience a unique combination of Sabhaya and Remedial massaging Style. We are not only providing gentle stretching, where guests will have a chance to relax and enjoy all five spa senses therapy – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, but also applying deep tissue compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure techniques. These particular techniques aim to cure specific trigger points and tender areas in a muscle of the body that causes generalized musculoskeletal pain when overstimulated.

Our traditional Thai massage is perfect for guests who live in a cold city like Sudbury. Here, we apply Thai know-how by using a hot Thai herbal compress ball to help relieve muscle tension and help reinvigorate the body as well as restoring energy. Every detail, every element used in the store, specifically natural Thai herb, is imported directly from Thailand. We would like to make sure that our customers will receive an extraordinary authentic Thai massage experience that cannot be found elsewhere in Sudbury.